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GTS Teleprompter 24

GTS Teleprompter 24

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The GTS Teleprompter-24 " 70/30 beam splitter glass, and 30 Feet reading range. The teleprompter supports All camcorders, DSLR, And ENG Cameras. The teleprompter comes with an aluminum extrusion frame which enables mounting the camera on the prompter without requiring counterweights. The 70/30 glass does not have to be removed when folding the hood for transport or storage. You can mount the camera on the prompter and mount that set up on your tripod in a traditional manner or, with an optional free-standing kit, you can mount your camera on your tripod and separately mount the prompter on a stand in front of your camera. An included adjustable camera riser enables 3" of vertical adjustment of your camera.


GTS Teleprompter software, with a dual-screen scrolling, mirroring the secondary monitor, laptop output without reversing the operator's display. This enables the use of less expensive, non-reversing HDMI / VGA displays without sacrificing the functionality or performance. It features an RTF text editor and allows you to import RTF and TXT files. Additionally, the GTS Teleprompter software offers color background, color fonts, preset font size, color, style, black and white fonts, user selectable cue points, run lists, and selectable cue marker. The software comes on a USB dongle so it can be used on multiple computers.


Enhance your presentations with the GTS Teleprompter 24-inch monitor bundle, featuring premium Dell or Lenovo IPS technology. This comprehensive package includes a software license for seamless script management, a convenient remote controller for effortless control, and a quick-release base plate for easy setup and compatibility with various mounting systems. Elevate your speaking engagements, video productions, and live broadcasts with confidence and clarity using the GTS Teleprompter 24-inch monitor bundle.


Introducing the ultimate solution for professional presentations and seamless communication – the GTS Teleprompter 24-inch monitor bundle. Crafted to elevate your speaking engagements, video productions, and live broadcasts to new heights of excellence, this comprehensive package combines cutting-edge technology with intuitive design features for unparalleled performance.

At the heart of this bundle lies a high-quality 24-inch monitor, meticulously crafted by renowned brands Dell or Lenovo. With IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology, this monitor delivers stunning clarity, vibrant colors, and wide viewing angles, ensuring that your script remains crisp and legible from any perspective. Whether you're delivering a keynote address, hosting a webinar, or recording a video segment, the GTS Teleprompter monitor provides the perfect canvas for your message to shine.

But the GTS Teleprompter bundle is more than just a monitor – it's a complete solution designed to streamline your workflow and enhance your productivity. With the included software license, you gain access to powerful teleprompter software that simplifies script management, allowing you to easily import, edit, and display your content with precision. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually scrolling through scripts or fumbling with cue cards – with the GTS Teleprompter software, you can focus on delivering your message with confidence and clarity.

To further enhance your user experience, this bundle includes a convenient remote controller that puts the power of the teleprompter right at your fingertips. With intuitive controls for adjusting speed, scrolling direction, and text size, you can fine-tune your presentation on the fly, ensuring a smooth and polished delivery every time. Whether you're standing at a podium, sitting at a desk, or moving around on stage, the wireless remote allows you to maintain full control without missing a beat.

And when it comes to setup and compatibility, the GTS Teleprompter bundle has you covered. The included quick-release base plate ensures easy installation and seamless integration with a variety of mounting systems, allowing you to customize your setup to suit your specific needs. Whether you prefer a traditional tripod mount, a studio rig, or a custom configuration, the GTS Teleprompter bundle offers flexibility and versatility to adapt to any environment.

In summary, the GTS Teleprompter 24-inch monitor bundle is the ultimate solution for professionals who demand excellence in their presentations. With premium hardware, intuitive software, and thoughtful design features, this bundle empowers you to deliver your message with confidence, clarity, and impact. Elevate your communication to the next level with the GTS Teleprompter bundle – the perfect companion for speakers, presenters, and content creators alike.

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GTS Teleprompter

GTS Teleprompter is a popular teleprompter application for System devices that helps users deliver speeches, presentations, and live broadcasts with ease and confidence.

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