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GTS Teleprompter 18

GTS Teleprompter 18

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The GTS Teleprompter-18 " 70/30 beam splitter glass, and 25 Feet reading range. The teleprompter supports All camcorders, DSLR, And ENG Cameras. The teleprompter comes with an aluminum extrusion frame which enables mounting the camera on the prompter without requiring counterweights. The 70/30 glass does not have to be removed when folding the hood for transport or storage. You can mount the camera on the prompter and mount that set up on your tripod in a traditional manner or, with an optional free-standing kit, you can mount your camera on your tripod and separately mount the prompter on a stand in front of your camera. An included adjustable camera riser enables 3" of vertical adjustment of your camera.

GTS Teleprompter software, with a dual-screen scrolling, mirroring the secondary monitor, laptop output without reversing the operator's display. This enables the use of less expensive, non-reversing HDMI / VGA displays without sacrificing the functionality or performance. It features an RTF text editor and allows you to import RTF and TXT files. Additionally, the GTS Teleprompter software offers color background, color fonts, preset font size, color, style, black and white fonts, user selectable cue points, run lists, and selectable cue marker. The software comes on a USB dongle so it can be used on multiple computers. The 70/30 beamsplitter glass provides a bright overlay of text that can be read from up to 30 feets' away while remaining invisible to your camera. Top-side camera adjustment allows you to adjust the position of the camera vertically.

Traditional or freestanding mounting is possible. Freestanding mounting is when the glass, hood, and monitor can be mounted on a stand in front of the camera instead of mounting the camera on the prompter and then mounting the entire set up on a tripod. An optional 15mm rod kit and the freestanding kit are required.

GTS Teleprompter Software

The dual-screen scrolling engine reverses the secondary PC or laptop output without reversing the operator's display.

Enables the use of less expensive, non-reversing VGA displays without sacrificing the functionality or performance.

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Teleprompter Glass 60/40
Teleprompter Base
Camera mount Baseplate
lens Hood cloth
Monitor 18 Inches (1 Year warranty for the monitor)
Teleprompter Software Dongle License for windows
Scrolling Controller (presenter wireless) and HDMI Cable 10 meters

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GTS Teleprompter

GTS Teleprompter is a popular teleprompter application for System devices that helps users deliver speeches, presentations, and live broadcasts with ease and confidence.

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